BIM-Manual in English

Making use of information technology to support businesses processes can provide significant and important productivity gains. Through the buildingSMART Project, the Norwegian Homebuilders Association has been involved for many years in the development of open international standards in the field of BIM (Building Information Modelling).

We are seeing how new technology and new tools are making it possible to introduce new ways of working. This will contribute to increased value creation and improved abilities to compete.

Through the boligBIM Project, we wish to place the members of the Norwegian Homebuilders Association in a position to implement new technology and new tools. The greatest challenges certainly lie, all things being equal, in how each individual member company is able to alter its own business processes.

Version 2.0 of the Norwegian Homebuilders Association BIM Manual is intended to be a practical aid for those who perform the project planning for residential dwellings. In conjunction with the user manuals of the software suppliers, we hope that this will be able to provide useful tips and hints that facilitate profitable consequences in the communications of the construction process.

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